With an active seven year old son on the loose, Giorgio Balli’s entire organization was considerate, cautious and careful to be sure at all times our safety privacy was protected. The finished product reflects every moment of that care.

Wells Family

The project was completed even more quickly than we thought. Giorgio Balli did a wonderful job, and put thought into every detail.

Birnbaum Family

Our initial relationship with Giorgio Balli was our architect. We were so pleased that he was able to grasp our design concept and create a home we dreamed of for many years. Initially we were reluctant to also have Giorgio be our General Contractor, and in the end the decision to use him was the best decision made. Three years were spent with Mr. Balli and during that time many things could have gone wrong. Instead the end result was beyond our expectation, and to this day we are more than friends. With this said, it all comes down to vision, integrity, trust, quality and delivery. Giorgio Balli is the whole package and the real thing.

Vecchitto Family
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